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About Us

One step at a time,
One story at a time,
One success at a time.

The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) is a not for profit (501C3), comprised of African American women who have served in the military or supporters thereof.  The mission of NABMW is to seek out, record, maintain and tell the story of the service and sacrifice of African American women who have served or are now serving our nation.  NABMW membership is open to all who support these ideals.  NABMW seeks to achieve its goals, through its regional network, and its chapters, located around the country. 

National Association of Black Military Women

Our Mission

To seek out, record, maintain and tell the history and heritage of African-American Military Women who served and are serving in the United States  Armed Forces.

Our Motto

"To tell HerStory"

Our Current Theme

"Unsung, Undaunted, Yet Undeterred"

Our Logo

The NABMW Official logo which was created by the 1994 Reunion team chaired by the Chaplain Carrie Wynne. The background exhibits the silhouette of the Pallas Athena. The symbol for the Women Army Corp (WAC) The hands dipits the joining of sister soldiers from all the United States Armed Force Services.

The outer circle displays the beginning of the  official service of the women Army Auxiliary Corp (WAAC) that changed to the Women Army Corp (WAC) that disbanded in 1978 and ended currently where all women served in all the services of the Armed Forces.  Our logo was modified in 1997 with the incorporation, Charter ship and renaming of the organization to the National Association of Black Military Women( Formerly known as the Black WAAC, WAC, Women in the service).  The new name surrounds the logo. Acronym  or short name is NABMW.

Official Logo

Official Sash



Official Sash

The NABMW Official Sash displays the NABMW official colors and should be worn by all NABMW members when representing NABMW at official functions such as speaking engagements, parades, memorial services, funerals, etc… NABMW official  are required to have a sash and all members are encouraged to obtain a sash.

Official Coin

The NABMW official coin was designed by the late Mrs. Gladys Schuster Cater, WWII WAAC/WAC and  Past President COL(RET) Kathaleen F. Harris. 

The Front of the coin depicts the logo which was created by the 1994 reunion team chaired by Chaplain Carrie Wynne. It joins sister soldiers form all the armed Services and was modified in 1997 with the NABMW name surrounding the logo. 

 The Back of the coin represents the mission of NANMW as an open book that reveals our motto: To Tell Her Story.”

NABMW Prayer


Almighty God, Our source of strength and courage, we ask thee to guide the leaders of nations

in the ways of peace and justice and enduring freedom for the peoples of the world. 

We the members of the National Association of Black Military Women thank you for allowing

us to serve in the various branches of the Arm Forces of these United States of America.

The greatest nation in the world. 

We thank our Sister Soldiers who had the vision of this organization (NABMW).

Many are no longer with us but we cherish their memory and strife to keep the

vision alive as we “Tell our Stories.” 

Lord we ask that you continue to bless us as we the members of this organization continue

the work of helping those in need, empowering our young, protecting our veterans

and protecting our rich history. 

 We pray in the name of The Father the Son and The Holy Spirit.   Amen 

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