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Essential Workers


A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.


  1. You risk your life to save the lives of others

  2. You fight on the front-line of the Covid-19 during a pandemic

  3. You are courageous, calm, passionate, selfless and loving

The challenges we have faced in the past few months have been enormous. In response to the greatest humanitarian health care crisis in our lifetimes, these members rose to meet the challenge. The Essential Line Workers and Front Line Workers are those who come face-to-face with Covid-19 patients while carrying out their everyday duties. These courageous individuals are highly exposed and at greater risk for developing the Corona virus. Working in toxic environments day after day can create a lifelong physical, emotional and psychological Impact to their lives. It’s only fitting to highlight and recognize these individuals for what they do.


In gratitude to our 2020 Heroes for all of their profoundly excellent work during this crisis we want to honor you with a small token of a clear plastic face shields to express our appreciation.

These are the NABMW members who are the Essential Workers

  1. Paulette Williams

  2. Blossom Ferguson

  3. Louise Nixon

  4. Delores McPherson

  5. Detrel Howell

  6. Diana Terry

  7. Blondell Gamble-Apson

These are the NABMW members who we have identified as Front Line Workers.

  1. Carol St. Pierre

  2. Stanlee Richards

  3. Sharon Sweeting Lindsey

It is with great pride that we honor these members. We are truly a team who lead and care. I salute you!

COL (RET) Carol St. Pierre

President, NYC Chapter of NABMW

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