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Membership is a major part of the growth of our organization.  Each of us knows a military woman who is a veteran, retiree, reservist or currently serving on active duty.   Please take it upon yourself to find a Sister Soldier and encourage her to join with you.



Membership is open to all individuals - regardless of race, age, creed, or color - who previously or are currently serving in any branch of the US Armed Forces and to civilians who support the objectives of this organization. 


  • Regular membership (Military/Veteran Only) - $100.00 year

For those military women willing to support the objectives of this association.  It includes the right to make motions, vote and hold elected office.

  • Life membership (Military/Veteran Only) - $500.00

For those military women willing to support the objectives of this association.  It includes the right to make motions, vote and hold elected office. 

  • Associate membership - (Non-Military/Non-Voting) - $50.00 a year

For all persons (family, friends and other military or non-military) willing to support the objectives of this association.   It does not include the right to make motions, vote or hold elected office. 

Please note. All information provided to the NABMW by our membership pool is freely given and is for public knowledge or view.  The NABMW is not responsible for the  accuracy of the information given by our members. 


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Email application to Bernice T. Simmons, Treasurer @

Make checks or money orders payable to NYC Chapter of NABMW.

Mail application to:

Bernice T. Simmons


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P.O. Box 684

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The National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW) website supports the mission of the organization - to seek out, tell, and record the history of Black Military Women. We use various public information tools (Newspapers, websites, books, documentaries, and other media outlets) to search out information on black military women. A lot of personal military history information is provided by the specific individuals through the NABMW Journal and membership. We do not take responsibility for the validity of any information provided to us from these individuals or from public information postings from tools listed above. The source of all information on this website will be listed. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this information is displayed without profit or payment to those who expressed an interest in receiving this information for non-profit research and educational purposes only. Photos and images are from the National Archives, The Naval History Center, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Defense Visual Information Center and personal collections of many of the women and men.  This website is for and about Black Military Women who served our country - by an organization of military women, family and friends who are committed to seeking out the history of Black Military Women who served our country. Photos are not to be misused or taken out of context when shared.