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Operation Cookie Drop

Wed, Aug 4, 2021 4:22 pm
Re: Operation Cookie Drop for the donation


Dear Col Pierre:  Thank you ever so much for your lovely note. We are so pleased to donate the cookies to you and your organization. On behalf of all the Girl Scouts and their leaders in Heart of the Hudson Girl Scout Council, thank you for your service. 

Do you have an official photo of your group, or some of the members of your group, or can I take a photo off your facebook page. I would like to attach the photo with the lovely thank you note to send to the Girl Scouts so they know and can see where the cookies went to this year!  It helps connect the girls with the reason they are asking for the donation of a box for a soldier, when they can see some of the many members of our military who receive them! 


Thank you again for your service to our country, and we are happy to donate more cookies should you have another event you would like them for this year.  


Alison Bergman

Operation Cookie Drop

Volunteer Coordinator

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson

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