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United In Sisterhood 


The United In Sisterhood (UIS) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization which was created to support female veterans in 2019. It was established to offer female veterans the opportunity to share military experiences – good and bad – in a safe space with others who can relate to the special language that they share, to learn from one another, to laugh and smile, to empower one another, to grow and build lasting bonds, to gain knowledge about useful resources and most importantly, to remind them that they are NEVER alone. 


Detrel Howell, the Founder, is an Army combat veteran who was deployed to Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield. Ms. Howell returned home and was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and anxiety, along with physical injuries. She struggled for years to find a support group for female veterans, which led to the cultivation of UIS.

The Baby Play Place

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